Warranty Policy

While others offer six months of warranty for their LED lights, Croplite provides five years' coverage for our cannabis grow lights upon the delivery date. The warranty provides maintenance and exchange service for any defective products throughout the coverage duration. Croplite gives you assurance our LED crop grow lights have a superior lifespan than other competing fixtures.

Warranty Exclusion

Croplite’s five-year warranty coverage has several
exclusions that are important to note.

  • Subjecting the bulb to physical or electrical stress, misuse, or negligence.
  • Repairing our LED lights with third party spare parts.
  • Exceeding the capacity limit of our fixtures.

360° Support for Your Cannabis Growing

  • 360° support

    Defective Item Replacement

    Growers can replace our lights with a new one if it fails to function during the coverage duration. You need to provide details about the defective product such as a picture of the item’s condition. The warranty policy ensures you a trouble-free purchasing experience.

  • 360° support


    Useful documents such as a product manual and guide come with Croplite’s pot grow lights, which lets breeders set up the fixture to their indoor garden with little to no assistance. The guides help you utilize our grow lights immediately after receiving it.

  • 360° support

    Online Consultation

    Breeders can reach out to our staff via email or through the phone when they experience any difficulties with our cannabis LED grow lights or simply have a question. The technical team will help you streamline your marijuana or crop production.

  • 360° support

    On-Site Technical Service

    Croplite can send our technical staff on-site to resolve various issues. Our US office counterpart can provide service assistance for our grow lights or offer design plans. The availability of our technical team can directly address specific issues that require our expertise.

We offer all documents that you may need for quick download and more information about our LED grow lights and services.