R & D

Design LED for Better Quality and Yield

The success in achieving Croplite’s mission of providing you with quality marijuana grow lights is thanks to our competent R&D division.

The research team consists of eight qualified personnel who specialize in plant lights. The R&D staff has access to advanced horticulture equipment which allows them to gather valuable information on fixture performance and real-life applications.

Providing innovative LED grow lights that are produced through extensive research gives you the edge over competitors within the cannabis or agricultural market. Receive a free quote today.

The engineer is designing the structure of LED grow light

Rooted in Planting Research

We have used Croplite weed grow fixtures ourselves in our planting projects and we proved our grow fixtures emit optimized lighting. Growing SkunkXl seed with our 80W LED panels gave our researchers surprisingly high yield of the hybrid species.

Every pot grow light we offer to growers is backed by real-life usage and actual results. The research we continuously do ensures our LED lights’ performance can lead to incredible yields within your indoor garden.

The engineer is monitoring the cannabis growth and LED grow lights

Collaborative Research

HMI and Delphi-Tsinghua are cooperating with the Croplite research department to develop innovative agricultural products and solutions. The collaborative work from all three teams allows us to provide cannabis grow lights that are usable in cold or warm climates, including the Canadian, US, and European areas.

The fruit of the collaboration with Croplite and two institutions is a series of LED products that will give nearly any grower the edge in cannabis cultivation. Make your agriculture or cannabis business stand out with grow lights produced through the research cooperation of three organizations.

Our R&D team

Our Lab

Laboratory personnel at Croplite are well equipped with various equipment and machinery to obtain useful data for optimized LED production.

Aging Test

Aging Test

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Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Integrating Sphere

Integrating Sphere

High & Low Temperature Test

High & Low Temperature Test


Insulation Test

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