Creating quality cannabis grow lights calls for strict QC procedures. Croplite meets the requirements by conducting thorough inspections during production.

The manufacturing capabilities of Croplite ensure nearly all of our weed grow lights meet growers’ expectations. With quality yields enabled by our LED products, your crops will drive customer referrals.


Branded LEDs and Cooling System

Reliability is important for all materials Croplite uses to ensure our LED lights are in excellent condition. We only use branded components from well-known companies:

  • LED Drivers: Inventronics
  • LED Chips: Osram, Philips, Samsung, CREE
  • Cooling Fans: Minebea
  • Terminal Blocks: WAGO

Branded materials show breeders the reliability of Croplite’s LED products. With reliable parts, you can be sure our grow lights emit a wide range of spectrum and have a long lifespan.

  • Fan and LED drives testing
  • LED chips testing
  • Aluminum structure inspection

Material Inspection to Guarantee Reliability

All materials go through IQC procedures before Croplite’s team uses any to produce marijuana grow lights. Components like chips, drivers and lamp beads undergo performance testing.

Using the parts and materials that pass our IQC process significantly streamlines Croplite’s production process and minimizes waste. The inspections allow us to provide you with the reliable performance of our cannabis LED lights.

Quality Control During Production

Every step in Croplite’s weed grow light production is critical to the quality of our product. Part of our QC standards includes assembly inspection and PCB inspection after SMT.

Tests during production ensure the right spectrum for marijuana cultivation. Satisfying your needs with high-performing fixtures to increase crop yields.

PCB inspection during production
Assembly inspection during production

100% Test to Deliver Consistent Quality

Completed Croplite pot grow lights go through final quality control procedures, which include 100% impact measurement and aging test, to check the products’ lifespan.

FQC tests assure you that our pot grow fixtures perform as promised. The incredible production rates of quality crops and cannabis strains produced by utilizing our LED grow lights will drive profit margins for your business to a new high.

Final aging testing

Strong Packaging for Valuable Grow Lights

Protecting your orders during delivery is always important to Croplite. Products are in five layers of corrugated board and foam material tailored to fit the specific shape.

Strong packaging ensures your order of Croplite LED lights is protected during delivery. The protection guarantees the grow lights are in excellent condition and will deliver optimal lighting to your crops once installed.

Packaging with protective materials

Boost the Growth of Your Cannabis and Business with Croplite LED Grow Lights.