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It's Time to Make the Switch from HPS to LED!

Is it difficult to break through the production and quality limitations with traditional HPS grow lights? Many of your competitors have embraced the use of LED since they get more profit by growing cannabis with this new tech.

Bigger harvest of cannabis

Bigger Harvest

Increase the yield of cannabis by 25% per batch with our LED grow lights. Our custom ratio of light is suitable for weed to gain more photons needed for growth.

Shorter growth cycle of cannabis

Shorter Growth Cycle

With LEDs, growers can harvest weed in 2.5 to 3 months instead of 4.5 months thanks to our study on specific wavelengths required for each growth cycle of cannabis.

More energy saving

More Energy-Saving

Save 35% more electricity when using low-power LED grow lights. Also, our lights feature great heat dissipation to reduce the cost of external cooling devices.

Better flavor

Better Flavor

Farmers can increase terpene levels and achieve more special flavor in cannabis thanks to our well-designed spectrum that quite matches cannabis characteristics.

grow light foldable lighting effect

Cannabis #NEW LED Grow Light# CPFS-600-D

  • Actual wattage 630W, upto 2.9μmol/J efficacy, upto 1788μmol/s PPF value
  • The best 6063 aluminum case
  • IP65 protection
  • Both cost effective 2835 LEDs and Samgun LM301B Osram 660nm red LEDs optional
  • High efficiency Inventronics or Meanwell driver
  • Dimming function, suitable for a standard 4*4 canopy growing area
CPQB 100(02)

Cannabis Grow - Quantum Board CPQB100

  • An integral aluminum case
  • IP65 protection
  • Samsung LM301B and Osram 660nm LED chip
  • Dimming function
  • Wattage option: 100W, 200W, 300W, 450W
  • Footprint cover from 2’*2′ to 3’*4′
  • Custimzed driver solution
Cannabis LED Grow Light GYE Series

Cannabis LED Grow Light GYE

  • Aluminum case
  • 120°beam angle
  • Unique air duct design, Minebea fan and special heat sink
  • High PPE LEDs, white, red, blue, UV and IR, each wavelength is controlled by individual driver.
  • Each nylon rope can bear up to 35kg
  • Compatible with all kinds of smart control system.
CPF 240 ND(03)

Cannabis Grow Light Fin-Type CPF240D

  • Samsung and Osram LED chips
  • Fin type special designed heat sink
  • High PPFD for and intense grow
  • Dimming solution optional
  • IP65 ingress protection
  • Can be customized upto 900W linear lamp

How to Purchase LED Grow Lights Like an Expert

Selecting suitable LED grow lights requires expertise, and Croplite is here to help!

PAR photosynthetically active radiation

PARPhotosynthetically Active Radiation

PAR is the spectral range of solar radiation, from 400nm to 700nm, which is useful for plant growth.

Different wavelengths of light in the PAR range have different effects on plant growth. Our full spectrums include red, blue, UV, and IR—to take care of all the stages of cannabis growth.

PPF photosynthetic photon flux

PPFPhotosynthetic Photon Flux

PPF represents the total amount of photons in the PAR range emitted from the light source per second, expressed in μmol/s (micromoles per second).

Our light recipe with lower PPF is suitable for floriculture while high-PPF lights are for cannabis.

PPFD photosynthetic photon flux density

PPFDPhotosynthetic Photon Flux Density

PPFD measures how many photons effectively hit the plants per unit time per unit area (μmol/sec/㎡ ).

Plants can absorb much more light, and also stronger light, with closer LED fixtures. Set the appropriate height of fixtures for the ideal harvest according to PPFD.


Perfectly Designed

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Tailored Solution for Your Farm and Crop

Cannabis grows differently under varied light and environmental conditions during different growth periods.

Our engineers specialize in designing spectrums and LED grow lights based on cannabis's characteristics, local climate, and soil quality. We also support on-site investigation which will help us understand your specific cannabis and environment needs and allow us to find a suitable solution.

Contact a Croplite researcher to customize LED grow lights so that they meet the growth needs of your cannabis.

Installation Guide

We provide full and easy-to-understand manuals to help growers install cannabis LED grow lights quickly and correctly after receiving our products.

Recipe for Growth

Professional guidance from our experts helps growers explore how to plant cannabis better with our leading LED grow lights.

Boost the Growth of Your Cannabis and Business with Croplite LED Grow Lights.