Grow Better with LED Grow Lights

Maximize the Growth Potential of Cannabis

with LED Grow Lights

Introducing different light spectrums to specific growth cycles of cannabis plants is important in achieving the best possible yields. Marijuana harvesters can improve the formation of the plant structure and the potential of bud production by using the right wavelengths.

LED lights from Croplite can produce a various array of lights thanks to the chip components within our fixtures. When using Croplite LED grow lights, growers can easily expose their plants to a specific wavelength in each cycle, which lets them achieve incredible yields with healthy plant structures.

Growing cannabis with LED grow lights

Dimming LED Lights Increase the Growth Rate of Each Stage


Using LED grow lights in the germination period of cannabis growing

Seeds exposed to Croplite dimming LED lights can quickly grow a taproot system. When the first leaves break out of the shell, growers can adjust the grow panels to emit blue light which stimulates the seeds. Utilizing Croplite LED lights can increase the germination success rate of your breeders’ seeds.


Using LED grow lights in the seedling period of cannabis growing

Continue providing your seedling with blue light from our dimming LED lights to encourage the development of their root system and main stem. Chlorophylls fully absorb this spectrum and allow for optimized photosynthesis. Maximizing the seedlings energy production gives them a good start during the vegetative period.

Vegetative Period

Using LED grow lights in the vegetative period of cannabis growing

Plants going through the vegetative stage make full use of the red and blue wavelengths from Croplite dimming LED lights. The spectrum leads to a high leaf count and weight gains. Chlorophyll a and b have better absorption capabilities under red and blue lights, which results in better nutrient content.


Using LED grow lights in the flowering period of cannabis growing

Chlorophylls favor red wavelengths from Croplite LED lights while in the cycle of bud production. The light regulates and triggers the flowering time when mediating the conversion of phytochromes Pr and Pfr. You can produce numerous buds from cannabis plants with better THC content thanks to our LED fixtures.

Experience from Planting Practice

Croplite follows scientific cultivation methods by using its own 80W LED lights to grow SkunkXL seeds for its planting project. Hybrid cannabis plants produce incredibly large buds at the end of the flowering stage and high yields.

The result of our planting project shows that you can achieve better yields with our LED weed grow light. With incredible yields, you can take the leading position in the pot or agriculture market. Contact our team for a quote today.

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