Some common questions and answers about our cannabis LED grow lights and service for further understanding Croplite and our cooperation.

  • 1

    Do you include ultraviolet (UV) in your LED grow light spectrum?

    Yes! Ultraviolet light increases plant quality and helps deliver more PAR to lower leaves, even in dense plant canopies. That is why we include substantial amounts of UV light in our spectrum. It lowers our photon flux efficiency numbers but actually helps grow better plants.

  • 2

    Can a Croplite LED grow light be used for different plants?

    Each kind of plant need different ratios when they grow. Thus, our tailored-made LED grow lights provide the correct ratios of blue, red, far red, and even UV light to encourage specific plants to stay healthy while growing and flowering vigorously.

  • 3

    How can I adjust different ratios of red and blue light in different plant growth periods?

    We provide dimming LED grow lights for convenient adjusting ratios according to the growth periods of your crops. You can choose a dimming switch or remote control even an APP to dim the LED grow lights with our pre-set ratios.

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    Why do not we use secondary lenses reflectors?

    Glass and acrylic lenses will cause refraction of light and some of the light to be lost. Our light design maximize the even coverage of our lights over their entire intended footprint to maximize your yield. On the other hand, our LED chips contain UV lights, which produces a large amount of heat. So we use primary lenses but never secondary lenses for our LEDs to ensure the heat dissipation and avoid the influence of yellowing of the lens on the quality of light.

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    Do LED grow lights require a ballast like HID?

    No! The power converter is built in to our LED fixtures. You can plug our LED grow lights directly into the wall outlet!