Nov. 11, 2019

Croplite in Professaionl Commercial Grow

Since its legalization in some states in the US for medical and or recreational uses, that myth surrounding cannabis is very much a thing of the past. This, of course, is credited to the medical potency of the drug as well as its lucrative nature. Prior to its legalization, very few persons knew about the benefits associated with the plant.

Today, Cannapreneurs are generating millions of dollars in the process and making the cannabis trade one of the most profitable in industries in the US. The secret to that success doesn’t only lie with the cannabis plant nor Cannapreneurs alone but also the inception of LED Grow Lights in the cultivation of the plant.

LED Grow Light: Growing Cannabis Better

croplite led growth lights applications in commercial plants

Since the industrial revolution, great mind-shave had one thing in mind. That is, making their ideas see the light of day. With the rapid increase in demand for cannabis, growers interested in indoors cultivation have found solace in LED Grow Light. Although still relatively new to the cannabis growing scene, the LED’s popularity has grown geometrically in recent years.

All of which is credited to its ability to produce great yields while staying cool, using a reasonable amount of electricity, saves money, it is eco-friendly, high quantum efficacy, taking no time to reach full brightness, and it is of course versatile. It should be worthy to note that, although the LED Grow Lights are very much in demand these days by Cannapreneurs and cannabis farmers alike, the final product is dependent on a wide array of factors. They include

  • The cannabis strain cultivated
  • The cultivation skill of the farmer
  • The quality of the lamp

LED Grow Light: Bounty Harvest

Taking to mind the aforementioned points, it is evident to note that, if you are in dire need of a bounty cannabis harvest then making use of the LED Grow light is necessary. Although the act of growing cannabis is a skill, the type of strain you desire to cultivate is also of prime importance. Not forgetting the quality of the LED lamp, which is the final piece of the bounty harvest puzzle.

LED Grow Light Case Study 

When comparing LED Grow lights for cannabis cultivation to ordinary bulbs in homes is like comparing the speed of an F1 racing car to an Uber. Although they are bulbs, they perform different functions and when it comes to growing cannabis, LED bulbs are unavoidable. Enclosed below are some referrals by cannabis growers about their take on the LED Grow Lights.

1)A master grower from Oakland California has been in the cannabis industry for over 2 decades and goes by the name Brian. He opinioned that, although LED Lights was making all the positive headlines in the Cannabis Industry, he gave deaf ears. Rather, he preferred to light his plants with high-pressure sodium lights simply because of his lack of trust and flexibility towards new technology.While he still managed to have a decent harvest, imagine what his yield would have been had he used the best lighting system in the business “LED Grow Lights”


2)In 2018, Croplite LED Grow Light and his team met in MJBizCon Las Vegas. The agenda of that meeting was to introduce LED grow light to him, as it is the future of indoor cannabis farming.He was amazed and satisfied with the high efficiency grow light after a few samples were tested. This, of course, was partly because the LED lights had the ability to shorten the growing cycle of cannabis from 4 months to 2 months. This was the beginning of a life-changing partnership.


3)Anyone can be a cannabis farmer. All you need is the right motivation, cannabis seeds, fertile ground as well as good lighting system and you’d be good to go. Croplite CP series is used flexibly in the greenhouse, indoor grow, home grow and professional farms. To test its potency, Brian made a decision to hang the drivers on the wall with the aid of designed a long-cable connection to aid grow the cannabis. Just within two months, their cannabis growing talent rewarded them with a bounty harvest.

Final Note

When it comes to the best lighting systems for indoor cannabis cultivation in view of getting a bounty harvest, look no further than the best lighting system in the game (LED Grow Lights). Acquire it today for your indoor cannabis farm and your life will never remain the same.