Nov. 11, 2019

Croplite Enjoy the harvest with home cultivators

The use of LED Grow Lights has been instrumental not just in shaping the way cannabis is cultivated but also in the nature and quantity of the yield cannabis farmers harvest after annually. Unlike most plants we see around cannabis comes in a wide array of strains. All of which are best cultivated under different circumstances and conditions in order to get a required yield.

LED Grow Lights: A little Advise

When it comes to making provisions to acquire LED Grow Lights, knowing what you are going in for is key. It is advisable to do some research, as well as seek counsel from previous buyers of the LED system before eventually making a purchase decision. This is simply because of the availability of copycats products on offer tagged with similar potencies of the original LED system.

Which will only be detrimental to the health of the cannabis plant. It should be worthy to note that, each lighting type and system, as most electrical appliances, have their highs and lows. With that in mind, we edge all our clients to go for a system that fits their budget and grow area best.

Top-Notch Products and Services

For indoor cannabis farmers, your ability to make use of our LED Grow Lights is of prime importance. Championed by its friendly nature towards the plant, eco-friendly, cost-effective and of course a bounty harvest in one package. Croplite LED Grow Lights come in handy throughout every stage of the cannabis growing process. That is from securing the right spot for cultivation, soil, seeding, lighting, ventilation, Customized Service,and harvesting. We never disappoint, as we make sure our clients get the best clues on how to go about cannabis growing and getting the required yields.

Benefits of Using Our LED Grow Lights to Grow Cannabis


1 Energy Efficient

Unlike the other lighting systems used to grow cannabis, the LED Grow Light we have is the future of growing cannabis. With it, you’d be sure your strains have got the best lighting system in the games which is cost-effective, conducive for cannabis growth and of course a bounty harvest come harvest season.

2 No Fear of Overheating

While cannabis is a plant, which traditionally produces a certain degree of heat, combining that with the heat emitted from the traditional bulbs is a recipe for disaster. Making it very dangerous for the plant's health. LED Grow Light bulbs, on the other hand, are just perfect due to their ability to produce very little heat and are actually cool to the touch.

3 Durability

When it comes to cannabis farming, no bulb stands a chance to LED Grow Light, be it in terms of durability, longevity or popularity. With this new lighting technology of ours, we set the pace for others to follow. This difference is evident when comparing the durability of the traditional bulbs to LED Grow Lights. While the traditional bulbs possess a lighting power of about 20,000 hours, our LED Grow Lights seat somewhere 50,000 and 100,000 hours.

Popular in home grow

Using Croplite LED Grow Light for indoor door cannabis farming is fun.This is evident from the testimony attached below from a professional cannabis cultivator.

Known simply as @SocalSensi, a professional cannabis home grower. In the spring of 2019, he tested Croplite's LED grow light with an aeroponic system and made this revelation. “I had my personal fastest flower time of 46 days and these buds are FAT! I am confident you can easily fill a 4×4 canopy and get large yields as well.”